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creative direction, branding, conference design, web design, merchandise design

"As Creative Director and co-organizer of TEDxPittsburgh, Sara Coffey takes an established brand and create a fresh new identity to appeal across media and audience types. Year in and year out I’m asked ‘what agency do you use?’ or ‘where did those designs for your stage, website, mobile app or program come from?” The answer to both is Sara Coffey. Sara not only brings world class modern design thinking to each project, but she has the know how to manage multiple vendors and team members to make efficient use of time and funds. Sara’s process starts with listening and asking questions about brand values, audience attributes and the mission of the work: she thrives on collaboration and feedback and in my experience working with multiple large agencies, responds better because she strives to care about the mission of each client as much as they do."


Chris Daley, Co-Organizer of TEDxPittsburgh

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